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Our firm has been helping injury victims since 1968. We focus on representing clients with serious/catastrophic injuries from car accidents caused by negligence rather than taking high volumes of minor cases. This has led to numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements.

Our attorneys find great fulfillment in advocating for auto accident victims and ensuring they receive full and fair compensation after being injured by another’s negligence. They take pride in righting the injustices often perpetrated by insurance companies more concerned with protecting their own profits than making victims whole.

Meet Our Attorneys

What Differentiates Our Columbus Car Accident Lawyers

Our firm focuses on representing clients who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries caused by negligence, and we operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you won’t owe any fees unless we successfully recover compensation for you. We have a track record of multi-million dollar case wins against insurers who initially denied liability or offered lowball settlements.
We have the resources to invest in a team of experts, including accident reconstructionists, visibility analysts, and human factors specialists, who meticulously analyze accidents to build a robust case on your behalf. As part of our proactive approach, we dispatch private investigators to accident scenes to document and preserve vital evidence, such as photos and videos. Additionally, we provide strategic guidance to protect your interests, like advising against giving recorded statements to insurers who may attempt to improperly minimize your claim and compensation. With our firm, you don’t have to worry about upfront costs, as we assume the financial responsibility of investing in your case, allowing you to focus on your recovery.
Attorneys with prior experience representing insurers and corporations provide valuable insight into how the defense side evaluates and defends against injury claims. This insider knowledge allows them to anticipate the strategies employed by insurance companies to minimize damages and build meticulous cases that maximize their clients’ recovery.
Our attorneys have over a combined 150 years of courtroom experience and a proven track record of winning cases at trial. When insurance companies refuse to offer fair compensation, we don’t hesitate to take cases to court. As experienced trial lawyers, we use our decades of courtroom skills to fight for the maximum compensation our clients deserve. We’re prepared to go to trial if necessary to ensure our clients receive the full and fair value of their claims, rather than accepting inadequate settlements from insurers.
Our Attorneys have extensive medical malpractice experience, ensuring that auto accident clients receive proper medical care and treatment for their injuries. Their in-depth understanding of injuries and medical conditions allows them to guide clients towards the appropriate specialists, such as orthopedists, neurologists, or concussion clinics. This extensive medical malpractice expertise is crucial in helping clients navigate the complexities of their medical treatment and ensuring they receive the care they need to recover from their auto accident injuries.

Our Credentials & Accolades

  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • A+ rating with Martindale Hubbell, the highest in legal ability and ethics
  • Senior counselor with the Columbus Bar Foundation
  • Named among America’s Top 100 Attorneys
  • Recognized as Top Lawyers in Central Ohio by CEO Magazine
  • Listed in U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firms in Ohio
  • Served as special counsel to a former Attorney General for the state of Ohio

Get to Know Our Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

Richard S. Donahey

Richard Donahey, licensed to practice in front of the Supreme Court of the United States, has been a fierce advocate for auto accident victims since founding Donahey Law in 1968. With over five decades of experience, Richard has witnessed the evolution and increasing complexity of auto accident cases, particularly in dealing with auto insurance companies.

As one of the longest-practicing law firms specializing in auto accident cases in Central Ohio, Donahey Law has built a reputation for unwavering commitment to representing injured individuals. Richard has successfully obtained significant verdicts and settlements for his clients, ranging from $10 million on down.

Today, Mr. Donahey continues to play a vital role at Donahey Law, assisting in pretrial strategy and case evaluation for auto accident clients.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, trust Richard Donahey and the team at Donahey Law to provide the experienced, compassionate legal representation you need. With their long-standing history of success and dedication to client advocacy, Donahey Law is the firm you want on your side.

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Mark Defossez

Attorney Mark Defossez brings extensive trial experience to auto accident cases, having practiced law for over 40 years since graduating in 1984. Many attorneys lack substantial courtroom experience, while he has learned from victories and defeats over his long career. Defossez does not shy away from taking cases to trial if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached.

When a prospective client first contacts the firm after an auto accident, Mark Defossez advises them not to provide any statements to insurance companies, which often try to pressure victims into accepting lowball settlements. The firm handles all communications with insurers.

Mark Defossez focuses on two key aspects: the nature and permanence of the client’s injuries, and establishing fault if liability is disputed. The firm gathers evidence like medical records, bills, eyewitness accounts, and depositions from parties involved as well as police officers on the scene if applicable.

Mark Defossez provides clients with candid advice, extensive courtroom experience stemming from over 40 years of practice, and a pragmatic approach to building strong cases – whether that means negotiating a settlement or taking the matter to trial. His vintage in the profession allows him to deftly navigate auto accident litigation.

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Danny Newman

Attorney Danny Newman brings a unique perspective to auto accident cases at The Donahey Law Firm. For the first 20 years of his career, Danny Newman worked on the defense side, representing corporations and insurance companies. This insider experience gives him valuable insights into how the other side evaluates and defends against injury claims.

When taking on a new auto accident case, Danny Newman methodically assesses liability and the extent of the client’s injuries from the outset. His defense background lets him anticipate how insurance companies try to poke holes and mitigate damages. Danny is selective about its cases, focusing on representing victims with significant injuries caused by another’s negligence.
Danny Newman stresses the importance of consulting an attorney promptly after an accident. Crucial evidence like surveillance footage can be lost; prompt investigation is vital to preserving it. The firm utilizes resources like accident reconstructionists and private investigators to document the scene and circumstances thoroughly.

With his defense background, Danny Newman knows insurance companies prioritize protecting their own interests over full and fair compensation for victims. The firm fights to counter this by building meticulous cases that maximize clients’ recovery from their injuries. Newman takes pride in advocating for clients and preventing injustices by insurance companies.
Whether a passenger vehicle collision or a complex trucking accident requiring federal regulations expertise, The Donahey Law Firm has the resources and attorney experience to represent auto accident victims tenaciously. Danny Newman’s unique defense perspectives aid this comprehensive approach.

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Gordon Evans

Attorney Gordon Evans’ top priority when taking on an auto accident case is ensuring the client receives proper medical care and treatment. With his background in medical malpractice law, Evans has an in-depth understanding of injuries and medical conditions. He guides clients on getting the right care from the appropriate specialists, whether that’s an orthopedist, neurologist, concussion clinic or other providers.

Gordon Evans stresses the importance of clients avoiding giving statements to insurance companies, as adjusters sometimes try to get victims to say things that can be used against them later. The firm handles all communications with insurers to protect the client’s interests. Simultaneously, their team deploys private investigators to the scene to preserve evidence like photos, video footage and witness accounts.
The firm is highly selective about the cases they take on, focusing on representing those with significant injuries caused by another’s negligence. Gordon Evans has the resources to thoroughly build cases down to minute details, utilizing expert accident reconstructionists, visibility specialists and others to scrutinize and recreate scenarios as needed.

With his defense background from previously representing insurance companies, Evans understands how the other side evaluates cases to poke holes in liability and damages. This insider experience allows him to effectively counter their tactics and maximize his clients’ recoveries – whether through settlement or taking cases to trial if needed.
Gordon Evans’ comprehensive approach ensures clients receive the treatment they require while persistently pursuing the compensation they deserve.

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Car Accident Cases Our Columbus Lawyers Handle

Our skilled auto accident lawyers bring decades of experience to representing victims in Columbus and throughout Ohio in various motor vehicle collision cases, including:

Commercial Truck Crashes
Uninsured Motorist Claims
Drunk Driving Wrecks
Head-On & T-Bone Collisions
Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents
Rear-End Accidents
Fatal Car Crashes

Auto Accident Verdicts & Settlements

Auto Accident Verdicts & Settlements
Since 1968, The Donahey Law Firm has built a legacy of success fighting for injury victims in Ohio. Our track record includes numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements, showcasing our commitment to securing full and fair compensation. With over five decades of experience delivering exceptional results, such as our $11.5 million railroad crossing accident verdict, $10 million intentional tort judgment, and $8.5 million employee intentional tort verdict, you can trust us to leverage our vast experience and resources to advocate tirelessly on your behalf.

Auto Accident Lawsuit – $3,000,000 Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement

Plaintiff sustained a significant closed head injury and other serious injuries, including fractures, as a result of a head-on motor vehicle collision. These injuries left the plaintiff permanently disabled, effectively destroying her wage-earning capacity.

Car Collision Injury to Unborn Child – $2,200,000 Lawsuit Settlement

Before she was born, the client’s pregnant mother was rear-ended by a minivan. The collision impact resulted in a pelvic fracture. Shortly after her baby’s delivery, an MRI revealed that the baby had suffered a brain hemorrhage/bleed, which caused developmental delays and permanent brain damage/injury. Expert witnesses believed the baby’s brain was damaged, before birth, as a result of the force of the collision.

Auto Accident – $800,000 Injury Lawsuit Result

Rear-end collision resulting in back injury to the victim.

Contested Automobile Red Light Case – $553,000

Jury returned a $553,000 verdict for a contested automobile red light case tried by attorney Curtis Fifner of the Donahey Law Firm.

Berwick vs ABC Hospital – Wrongful Death/Trucking Accident – $500,000 settlement

The client was found to be at fault by the Ohio State Highway Patrol because the semi-truck driver claimed the client went left of center. The Donahey Law Firm’s investigation and expert witnesses showed that the semi-truck driver actually went four feet left of center and killed the client in his own lane, resulting in a favorable settlement for the client’s children.

Drunk Driver Car Accident Lawsuit Settlement – $195,000

Settled a case on behalf of a client seriously injured by a drunk driver.

Ohio Auto Accident – $250,000 Car Accident Result

Rear-end collision resulting in back injuries.

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