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Verdicts & Settlements

Verdicts & Settlements

At the Donahey Law Firm, our lawyers are proud of the verdicts and accident settlements we have achieved on behalf of our clients throughout Ohio. Here are some of the results we have achieved for our clients:

Railroad Crossing Accident - $11,500,000 Verdict

Plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury due to defendant railroad’s negligence. Plaintiff established that the railroad failed to place lights or gates at a railroad crossing. This case was tried by a former partner in the law firm of Twyford & Donahey.

($5,000,000.00 in compensatory damages and $5,000,000.00 punitive damages) Judgment against a physician for criminal assault.

Plaintiff suffered partial paralysis as a result of a spinal cord injury during a negligently performed pain management procedure.

Three cases settled against hospitals, all within a 60 day period. One case was turned down by a well known Medical Malpractice attorney!

Video – Plaintiff suffered an amputation of a portion of his arm due to a workplace accident. Plaintiff established that his employer failed to use adequate safety procedures and safety guards to prevent employee injury. The jury’s verdict included compensatory damages as well as an award of punitive damages

Plaintiff sustained a significant closed head injury as well as other serious injuries including fractures as a result of a head-on motor vehicle collision. These injuries left plaintiff permanent disabled effectively destroying her wage earning capacity.

We represented a 60 year old gentleman who underwent multi-level laminectomy with placement of hardware. The patient developed a postoperative spinal epidural hematoma causing C5 quadriplegia.

Settlement for a baby born with physical disabilities due to obstetric malpractice. Baby suffers from cerebral palsy as a result of OB/Gyn negligence. Oxygen deprivation prior to the baby’s delivery led to permanent brain damage. As she grows, baby will require daily supervision for the rest of her life.

A 2-year-old suffered a significant brain injury as a result of untreated abdominal distension caused by a perforated duodenum, which led to cardiac arrest. The patient will remain in a vegetative state for the remainder of her life.

Medical Malpractice procedure involving surgery to the cervical spine resulting in loss of use of legs.

Before she was born, our client’s pregnant mother was rear-ended by a minivan. The collision impact resulted in a pelvic fracture. Shortly after her baby’s delivery, an MRI revealed that the baby had suffered a brain hemorrhage/bleed which caused developmental delays and permanent brain damage/injury. Our expert witnesses believed her brain was damaged, before birth, as a result of the force of the collision.

Our client reported severe back pain over the course of several hospital visits. His severe back pain was spontaneous and unrelated to recent injury or trauma. Defendant physicians and hospitals committed numerous acts of medical malpractice through their failure to order an MRI which would have revealed a spinal epidural abscess. When the abscess was finally diagnosed, our client had sustained permanent paralysis.

2-year-old child died from complications after swallowing defectively designed toy magnets.

Plaintiff sought care from an optometrist for poor visual acuity. Despite aggressive treatment, the patient lost much of her vision and had to retire.

Settlement of two wrongful death claims resulting from workers who died when a barn under construction collapsed during a severe storm.

Elderly blind pedestrian was struck by a turning vehicle while crossing the road in the crosswalk.

Our client sustained severe burn injuries as a result of a workplace accident. Both his employer and an independent contractor failed to provide adequate safety guards and warnings in a workplace setting.

Defendant neurosurgeon caused permanent spinal cord injury while performing neck surgery (cervical laminectomy), resulting in paralysis. Plaintiff’s expert witnesses testified that, under no circumstances, should the neurosurgeon have struck/nicked our client’s spinal cord during neck surgery.

Patient presented to emergency department with localized back tenderness, an elevated white count, and other symptoms suggesting a spinal epidural abscess. He was immunocompromised secondary to chronic steroid use. Blood culture was positive for enterococcus faecalis. Patient then developed more worrisome signs/symptoms of leg weakness and immobility, and there again occurred a delay in diagnosing the patient’s spinal epidural abscess. By the time the patient was diagnosed, his paralysis was irreversible. The case settled for $1,790,000.

For a worker who was partially paralyzed as a result of a fall while on the job.

Failed “laserscopic” spinal surgery resulting in severe nerve damage to the patient and loss of bladder function.

Birth injury resulting in cerebral palsy.

Young child died as a result of physician’s negligent failure to recognized and treat infectious disease.

Emergency room physician failed to recognize signs of meningitis and discharged patient to home. Patient died of meningitis within the next 36 hours.

Permanent birth injury due to prolonged labor.

Drowning death due to defendant’s negligent failure to maintain safe premises.

Developmentally disabled patient suffered partial paralysis after being dropped by home health care nurse.

The client suffered a fractured neck when her home health care worker negligently used a Hoyer lift as a transport device, causing a serious fall. The case settled shortly before trial.

Woman rendered paraplegic as a result of physicians negligent treatment of low back pain and administration of pain injections.

Failure to timely deliver distressed infant resulting in cerebral palsy.

Faulty wiring resulting in death of the victim.

Failure to timely diagnose stroke resulting in permanent injury to victim.

Our client went to an emergency room complaining of severe back pain. No MRI was performed and she went on to suffer from paralysis. A subsequent MRI determined that she had an infection (abscess) near her spinal cord. The infection caused irreversible damage to her spinal cord.

Failure to diagnose blood clot which led to partial paralysis.

Failure to timely diagnose cancer resulting in death of victim.

Motor vehicle collision resulting in fatality.

Rear end collision resulting in back injury to the victim.

Failure of an ophthalmologist to recognize the signs and symptoms of a growing optic nerve tumor in a child leading to permanent blindness in one eye and partial blindness in the other. The parties reached a confidential settlement.

Failure to respond to non-reassuring EFM pattern; birth asphyxia; cerebral palsy; spastic quadriplegia.

Medical malpractice for delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Elderly woman fell at nursing home. She was to be assisted at all times. Subdural hematoma and skull fracture.

Failure to properly guard machinery resulting in death of victim.

Failure to recognize suicidal ideations ultimately carried out.

Our client was found to be at fault by the Ohio State Highway Patrol because the semi truck driver claimed our client went left of center. Our investigation and expert witnesses showed that the semi truck driver actually went four feet left of center and killed our client in his own lane, resulting in a favorable settlement for our client’s children.

Box Truck failed to brake and rear ended a stopped vehicle resulting in several broken ribs and crush fractures to 3 vertebrae of the driver.

Settled a case on behalf of the estate of a patient killed due to a hospital’s failure to place him back on blood thinner post heart surgery.

Plaintiff’s father went into the hospital for a knee operation. He was taken off his prescribed heart medication for the purpose of the surgery. Unfortunately the patient was never put back on his required medication and suffered a massive heart attack and died. The case was settled prior to a lawsuit being filed for $575,000.

Settled the case of a nursing home patient rendered paraplegic due to a nursing home’s negligence and failure to properly monitor a spinal abscess.

Pedestrian struck by distracted truck driver death.

Settled a case on behalf of the family of a nursing home patient killed due to a failure to properly monitor a urinary tract infection.

Rear end collision resulting in back injuries.

Failure to give tpa; caused progression of stroke effects.

Motorcyclist hit pedestrian causing elbow injury.

Babysitter negligently left blanket in crib of infant resulting in death.

Failure to act upon an ominous CT finding resulting in a delayed diagnose of lung cancer and death.

Patient underwent surgery on lower leg. Afterwards, she developed severe swelling which her physicians failed to recognize and treat. The swelling caused tissue death and infection, leading to permanent calf weakness and severe permanent scarring.

Pregnant female presented to hospital emergency department with influenza-like illness. Despite CDC warning/admonition, patient was not prescribed Tamiflu. Patient went on to develop pneumonia and died. Fetus was delivered successfully before mother died. Case settled for an undisclosed amount.

Failure to supervise minors operating ATVs on private property.

A failed fuel tank patch resulted in the driver of a bull dozer being exposed to diesel fuel and fire causing serious injury.

Negligently performed lasik surgery resulting in eye injury.

Failure to recognize symptoms of acute myocardial infarction; death.

Young girl had a severe allergic reaction to a component in a popular shampoo causing her to go into anaphylactic shock. She survived but with some residual brain damage.

A jury returned a verdict against a central Ohio urologist who destroyed a man’s spleen in an attempt to blast kidney stones in what would otherwise have been a routine procedure. Attorney Curtis Fifner of the Donahey Law Firm in Columbus, Ohio, said that the jury awarded 100% of what he argued the damages were worth for his clients! Fifner said that he has never heard of another case in which a jury awarded 100% in a medical malpractice case. “This is highly unusual”, said Fifner. Fifner further indicated that he would pursue pre-judgment interest in the case since an offer to settle was never made.

Settled a case on behalf of a client seriously injured by a drunk driver.

Jury returns a $553,000 verdict for a contested automobile red light case tried by attorney Curtis Fifner of the Donahey Law Firm.

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